Aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-use design feature

Our teams have worked tirelessly to develop this feature because we believe that if you enjoy working on something due of the design, your team will produce greater results.

The outcome is our users can build and design pages that have its appearance that resembles the current generation.

You won’t need to write any code to craft exceptionally beautiful web pages. With just a few clicks, you can easily choose your layouts, sizes, fields, colors, and more. Additionally, our design ensures that your web pages will seamlessly adapt to various devices because we understand that team members use different platforms.

Form Designer
Form Designer

Add Components you need

With Tableflow, you can access a diverse selection of components, including tables, tabs, trees, reports, file sharing, and multimedia viewers.

Tailor your components to your specific needs and seamlessly integrate them into your screens to present data in a neatly organized fashion.

Simplify Form Designing with Drag and Drop

No more wrestling with the frustrating task of arranging your display. We thought, if you use drag and drop for almost everything else, why not for your website appearance too?

Effortlessly reorder and organize fields on any open page using drag and drop.
Your changes are instantly saved and available to all users in real time. It’s lightning-fast.

Form Designer
Form Designer

Divide Your Content into Segments

Enhance your page layouts by incorporating sections to segment your content into groups of related information. Whether you have an extensive page or specialized data, you have the option to initially collapse sections for a streamlined view.

Opt for a Single Column Design

In your apps, consider utilizing single column layouts for straightforward tasks like country details, data entry, customer record retrieval, or appointment booking. If the task is swift and uncomplicated, a single column layout is the way to go.

Form Designer
Form Designer

The Go-To Layout: Two Column 50/50

The two-column 50/50 layout is the most commonly used and the default option. It accommodates fields in either a single column or stretches across two columns, depending on the field type. This layout is versatile and ideal for capturing data across a wide range of field combinations.

Optimize Content-Oriented Apps with Two Column 70/30

This layout is the ideal choice for apps that prioritize content and utilize field types with extended display requirements on the page. When you’re dealing with, Images, Files, or Text Area fields, this page layout is specifically designed to enhance your productivity and make the most out of the window.

Form Designer

How Form Designer is beneficial to our valuable customers

Utilize the single column layout to swiftly record country details with ease. Simplify the process for any organization, ensuring a straightforward approach to capturing this information on the go.
HR professionals find the 70/30 split screen layout invaluable for monitoring interview schedules alongside the corresponding feedback. This layout optimizes their workflow, allowing for efficient observation of both aspects.
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