Record-Level Memory Magic

With Notes, you can effortlessly remember important details at the record level by simply jotting down notes, much like using sticky notes.

Notes at Record Level
Notes at Record Level

Capture Notes easily with smart speech to text feature

Experience a seamless process of converting spoken content into written text, saving you valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual typing. With this feature, you can simply speak your notes, and the system will efficiently transcribe them into a text format. It’s a time-saving solution for turning your spoken thoughts into tangible, written records.

Elevate Your Text with Notes

Notes offers all the familiar text styling options found in standard word processors and goes beyond by providing a multitude of additional features for tailoring your notes to perfection.
Notes at Record Level

How Notes are beneficial to our valuable customers.

Recruiters are able to capture critical information through record level notes facility.
Notes can be added for particular meeting to get additional details of the event.
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