Track alterations in real time

TableFlow’s Remarkable Record History feature enables you to meticulously monitor the modifications made by individuals, displaying the specific date and fields where changes occurred, as well as identifying the individuals responsible for these alterations. This feature offers a comprehensive record of all changes, enhancing transparency and accountability in data management.
Record History

Numerous Benefits of Record History

Change Tracking: The feature provides a detailed log of all modifications, ensuring that every change made to the data is recorded. This is valuable for tracking data updates over time.

Error Identification: Users can quickly identify errors or discrepancies in data by comparing historical records with current data, which aids in maintaining data accuracy.

Security: It can serve as a security feature by preventing unauthorized or malicious changes. If an unauthorized change occurs, it can be easily traced back to the responsible party.

Decision Support: When making decisions based on historical data, having a clear record of changes helps in understanding the context and reliability of the information.

Overall, this feature enhances transparency in data management, as users can see the history of changes and who made them, fostering trust and credibility in the system.

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