Monitor Your Time While You Work

TableFlow’s Timers enable you to effortlessly track the cumulative duration you invest in specific activities at a record level. This feature helps you overcome the challenge of determining the total time needed to input specific details accurately.

Numerous Benefits of Timers

Time Efficiency: Easily capture the time that would require to fill certain forms ensuring the timely filling, making it easy to understand the time frame.

Categorize Forms: Sort the forms according to their complexity, length, or other relevant variables. This can help you realize which forms are quick to complete and others may take longer.

Analyse Data: Once you’ve gathered data on how long it takes to complete each form, you can examine it to detect patterns and outliers. Look for ways to improve the process’s efficiency.

Define Realistic timelines: Using the information you’ve gathered, define realistic timelines for completing each form. This can aid in planning and assuring project completion on time.

Overall, you can capture the time required to fill out forms, create a better understanding of the time frame, and ensure timely completion of this important task.

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