Triggers proves to be our masterpiece

Tableflow triggers empower our users to initiate a wide range of actions within their records when specific conditions are met. This feature ensures that workflows remain responsive and automated, improving efficiency and productivity.

Triggers comes with powerful types

Triggers are power-packed with efficient types including Schedule-based, Condition-based, and Click-based triggers. These versatile trigger options cater to various automation needs, offering flexibility and control in your workflows.

Initiate triggers to automate your tasks

To streamline communication between the HR team and the recruitment agency, we can set up triggers for optimal efficiency. For instance, when a job opening is added to the database, a trigger can automatically generate and send an email to the recruitment agency, promptly notifying them about the new job opportunity.

How Trigger is beneficial to our valuable customers

Triggers empower decision-makers to send notification emails when a visitor arrives to meet the host, enhancing visitor management and communication processes.
Transform and streamline the human resources work cycle through the implementation of triggers. These triggers enhance efficiency, save time, and automate key tasks such as sending interview invitation emails to candidates and job opening notifications to recruiters, contributing to a more efficient HR workflow.
Enhance the capabilities of your Service Management system with automated tasks. Triggers can seamlessly dispatch service requests to technicians while providing real-time service status updates for service managers, creating a more efficient and responsive service management process.
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