Seamlessly Capture Data from Non-Users

TableFlow presents a powerful capability for easily creating web forms, enabling their use by individuals who have not registered, and smoothly recording and retaining the data within the system’s backend. This functionality simplifies the process of form creation, extends accessibility to users who haven’t signed up, and ensures that data input is captured and securely stored in the backend with a high level of efficiency.
Web Form Import
TableFlow’s Web Form Import feature sounds like a convenient and user-friendly way to collect data from non-registered users.
Here are some key points to highlight:

HTML Format: Providing non-registered users with an HTML format for entering details simplifies the process for them. HTML forms are easy to understand and can be used by individuals with varying levels of technical expertise.

Direct Backend Integration: The ability to store data directly into the backend of TableFlow is a significant advantage. This means that the data entered by non-registered users is seamlessly captured and stored without requiring them to go through the typical registration or login process. This can save time and reduce barriers to data submission.

User-Friendly Approach: By avoiding the “long hassles of login,” TableFlow makes it more convenient for users to provide the information you need. This user-friendly approach can improve the user experience and increase the likelihood of data collection.

Accessibility: The ability for non-registered users to easily submit data can be particularly valuable in scenarios where you want to collect data from a wide audience or from individuals who may not want to create an account just to provide information.

How Web Form Import is beneficial to our valuable customers.

Prospective candidates can effortlessly complete forms without the necessity of registering, streamlining their participation in a walk-in interview.
Collecting user feedback is essential for ensuring the effective operation of a system, as surveys can provide valuable insights into the user’s perspective on how things are functioning. This data is invaluable in making improvements and addressing user concerns.
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