Boost your productivity and save time with efficient workflows.

Say goodbye to time-consuming routine tasks. Create formats to automate routine actions using triggers, such as date changes, notification emails, and status updates. Free up your time for critical work, or even sneak in a well-deserved nap. Your secret’s safe with us.

Create Complicated or Simple Workflows

Craft custom flows effortlessly using our builder.

Looking for simplicity? You can create basic automations like sending a mail when an interview is scheduled.

Prefer a bit of complexity? Dive into multi-step workflows with multiple triggers and actions to streamline critical processes, all without having to deal with tasks you’d rather avoid.

Unlock the power of Workflows without the need of coding expertise

Say goodbye to IT Support. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface empowers every Tableflow user to configure intricate automations in seconds. Designed by business users, for business users. we understand the automation needs because we also rely on them!

Connect with other Apps

We understand that your business relies on more than just Tableflow. Extend your workflows beyond Tableflow through our system integrations and custom integrations, ensuring seamless connectivity with the other applications you depend on.

How Workflow is beneficial to our valuable customers

Triggers empower decision-makers to send notification emails when a visitor arrives to meet the host, enhancing visitor management and communication processes.
Transform and streamline the human resources work cycle through the implementation of triggers. These triggers enhance efficiency, save time, and automate key tasks such as sending interview invitation emails to candidates and job opening notifications to recruiters, contributing to a more efficient HR workflow.
Enhance the capabilities of your Service Management system with automated tasks. Triggers can seamlessly dispatch service requests to technicians while providing real-time service status updates for service managers, creating a more efficient and responsive service management process.
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